Fax Line Pricing

With Callroom.co, there are no upfront fees or commitments. You pay only for active fax lines, and the pages you send and receive each month.

Fax Numbers

Callroom provides fax lines with dedicated local or toll-free phone numbers. Callroom has access to one of the largest inventories of available phone numbers. For quality assurance, each number is tested for 60 days to avoid those that receive unwanted call traffic. Phone numbers are priced per month, and can be released at any time.

Fax Number Type Cost per month
Local Number $1.95 / month
Toll-Free Number $4.95 / month

Fax Usage Rates

Our fax pricing is simple. Pay only for the pages you send and receive each month.

Description Cost per page
Fax Pages Sent / Received $0.10 / page

Basic Pricing Example

Below is a basic example of estimating the cost of a Callroom fax line.

Item Cost
1 Local Fax Number $1.95
5 Pages Sent $0.50
5 Pages Received $0.50
Example Monthly Total $2.95 / mo

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